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Calls cost 60p per minute plus ‘Access Charge’. Callers must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. All calls are recorded. We may send free promotional SMS. Send ‘‘STOP ALL’ to 89077 to opt out. Datapro Services Ltd. Customer Careline: 0203 455 2145

Anal Lovers 09099450103
Big Boobs 09099450190
Big Women 09099440586
Black Girls 09099450065
Domination 09826771130
Experienced Women 09099450107
Fetish 09826771016
Foot Fetish 09099440844
Grannies 09099450133
Housewives 09826771636
Knicker Lovers 09099450196
Ladyboys 09099440582
Leather / Rubber / PVC 09099440851
Lesbians 09826771136
Live Hardcore 09099440695
Nympho Girls 09099440890
Sissy 09099450162
Submissive Girls 09826771982
Older Women 09099456168
Older Housewives 09099440678
Oral 09099450105
Pissing 09099440661
Transvestites 09099450099
Posh 09099450028
Elegant Ladies 09826771143
Pure Filth 09826771170
Smoking 09826771186


Recorded Lines:

Calls cost 60p per minute plus ‘Access Charge’. Callers must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. We may send free promotional SMS. Send ‘STOP ALL’ to 89077 to opt out. Datapro Services Ltd, Customer Careline: 0203 455 2145

Amazing Blow Job 0909 944 0829
Anal 0982 677 1123
Domination 0909 944 0909
Gay 0909 944 0117
Horny Housewives 0909 944 0563
Leather and Rubber 0909 944 0585
Lesbian Fantasies 0909 944 0074
Married Lady 0909 945 6153
Nurse 0909 945 0102
Pissing Mistress 0909 945 6117
Police Woman 0909 944 0910
Spanking Mistress 0909 944 0831
Horny Housewives Story 2 0982 677 1129
Dirty student doggy style 0909 944 0850
Greedy slut gets two cocks 0909 945 0077
Hubby cross dresses 0909 945 0149
Jodie and Lucy lesbian fun 0909 945 0112
Dirty Totty Story 0909 945 0126
3 Way Lesbian Sex 0909 944 0142
Corporal Punishment and Bondage 0909 944 0651
Lesbian Love In 0909 944 0760
Shemale Fun 0909 945 0189
Back Door Babes 0909 944 0674




New Listings

Mistress Sonia London, UK
Mistress Katherine London, UK
Goddess She Yorkshire, UK
Auntie Amanda Southampton, UK
Kidnap Mistress Manchester, UK
Mistress Luci Manchester, UK
Mistress Crimson Manchester, UK
Mistress Sadee Sleaford, Lincs, UK
Mistress Monique London, UK
Madame Black Soul London, UK
Goddess Amara London, UK
Goddess Zeena London, UK
Liverpool Dungeon Liverpool, UK
Mistress Dark Rose Bris, Qeensland, Australia
Mistress Zariah New York City, USA
Mistress Rozz New York City, USA
Lady Velvet London, UK
Mistress Lynn Pops Chicago, USA
Mistress Saran, Osaka, Japan
Domina Mimiko Mori New York City, USA
Domina Divinity Montreal, Canada
Mistress Anja Singapore
Paige Delight Dominatrix Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Claudia Perth, Australia
Mistress Adara Portland, Oregon, USA
Miss Lilith Tournai, Belgium
Mistress Cécile Paradis Manchester, UK
Mistress Siren Oxfordshire, UK
Mistress Sadie Halifax, West Yorks, UK
Ms Elena De Luca New York, USA
Mistress Veronica Cohen Atlanta, USA
Madam Quinn Helix California, USA
Mistress Rage Buffalo / Rochester
Miss Jaddah Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Mistress Claudia Perth, Australia
Mistress Mine Queens, New York, USA
Miss Kay Glasgow, Scotland
Euphoria Fetish Leeds, UK
Mistress Chantel Lane London, UK
Mistress Victoria Nottingham, UK
Mistress Kim Thai Bangkok, Thailand
Ms Tytania London, UK
Mistress Lucy Furr Reading, UK
Princess Fawn Los Angeles and Sacramento, USA
Domina Eva Tarragona, Spain
Mistress Alexandra Athens, Greece
Madam Brodie Brighton & London, UK
Domina Octavia London, UK
Lady Veronica Bonavich Northants, UK
Mistress Pussy Willow London, UK
Headmistress Spice Port Talbot, Wales
Mistress Millie Belle London, UK
Domina Magda Belgrade, Serbia
Mistress Bryce Jones Manchester, UK
Madam Helle London, UK
Ms Sasha Cross Denver, Colorado, USA
Goddess Nemesis Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Penelope Lovecraft Los Angeles, USA
London Training Academy London, UK
Fifty Shades of Glasgow Dungeon Hire Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Angela Zurich, Switzerland
Mistress Celeste Newcastle, UK
Mistress Nora Marinelli Vienna, Austria
Mistress Jay Dublin, Ireland
Countess Von Kink Hong Kong
Mistress Lynn Cane Valkenswaard, Netherlands
Lady Felice Berlin, Germany
Mistress Catalia Gothenburg, Sweden
Mistress Albie Minnesota, USA
Miss Debbie Potter Manchester, UK
The Lady Adore London, UK
Cruel Mistress Milano Milan, Italy
Mistress Bryce Jones Manchester, UK
Mistress Helena London, UK
Mistress Helena Leeds, UK
Lady Daemoon Aberdeen, Scotland
Countess Kate London, UK
Vivienne Fairest Philadelphia, USA
The Mistress of Kink Bangkok. Thailand
Mistress Cara London, UK
Mistress Tatiana London, UK
Mistress Servalan London, UK
Medical Fetish Mistress Hampshire, UK
Mistress Berkeley Derby, UK
Mistress Verity Hertfordshire, UK
Mistress LeWolf Mansfield, Notts, UK
Mistress Lizabeth Birmingham, UK
Mistress Tania Huddersfield, UK
Mistress Minxy Yorkshire, UK
Mistress Isabela New York, USA
Mistress Nicole van Kuppeck Barcelona, Spain
Mistress Walsh Philadelphia, USA
Mistress Leyla Reading, UK
An Li Los Angeles, USA
Mistress Fabula London, UK
Mistress Jadee Manchester, UK
The Mistress Kidnap Manchester, UK
Mistress Katerina Birmingham, UK
Mistress Evelyn London, UK
Mistress Isobel Toronto, Canada
Modern Empress London, UK
Goddess Sophia London, UK
Mistress Annabella Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Servalan London, UK
Mistress Alexis London, UK
Mistress Kali London, UK
Lady Lucea West Midlands, UK
The Mistress Kidnap Manchester, UK
Mistress Anahita Warrington, Merseyside, UK
Miss Sheri Darling Los Angeles / Orange County
Goddess Sophia London, UK
Mistress Lauriana Glasgow, Scotland
Foot Fetish Mistress Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Jadee Manchester, UK
Mistress Annabella Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Inka Edinburgh, Scotland
Countess Steel London, UK
Mistress Olog Columbus, Ohio, USA
aXelle de Sade Paris, France
Bondagelady Sylvia Hamburg, Germany
Madame Raphael Ottawa, Canada
Mistress Sixx Vixen Los Angeles, USA
Mistress Johanna Barcelona, Spain
Mistress Kaiser Manchester, UK
Mistress Meena Bristol. UK
Goddess Demi Fox London, UK
Mistress Eloise Bolton, Lancs, UK
Rubber Goddess London, UK
Maîtresse Paris Paris, France
Mistress Nin London, UK
Mistress Kim-BKK Bangkok, Thailand
Mistress Pandora Glasgow, Scotland, UK
MizzUltraViolet Norfolk, UK
Miss Sarah Jessica Manchester, UK
Miss Brook Rotherham, UK
Goddess Arianna Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Miss Sarah Jessica Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Lady Sara Borgia London, UK
Elite Queen Bee Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Mistress Ursula Malaga, Spain
Mother & Daughter Mistresses London, UK
Lady Deadly Nightshade Norfolk, UK
House Du Croix Bristol, UK
Mistress Rose Hampshire, UK
Mistress Sandra London, UK
Ms Amelia Birch Hampshire, UK
Mistress Scarlett Blackpool, UK
Lady Angelina Manchester, UK
Den of Hedonism Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Mistress Johanna Brussels, Belgium
Lady Dominique Pittsburgh, USA
Comtessa Carmen Berlin, Garmany
Francesca Harding London, UK
Miss Velour Brighton, UK
Mistress Teressa Manchester, UK
Princess Lucina Manchester, UK
Miss Mighty London, UK
Mistress Linda Leeds, UK
Mistress Harriet Bristol, UK
Mistress Eleanor Lawrence London, UK
Top BDSM Fetish Milano, Italia
Mistress Vanna Milwaukee, USA
Bondage Domme Glasgow, Scotland
Latex Mistress Janice Brussels, Belgium
BBW Switch Mistresses London
Domina Lady Maclaine Berlin, Germany
Professional Domination Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Crimson Manchester, UK
Mistress Francine Plymouth, UK
Mistress Paris Croydon, UK
Mistress Genesis Phoenix, AZ, USA
Mistress Vaider Wiltshire, UK
Mistress Ace London, UK
A Leeds Chamber Leeds, UK
Mistress Mindy Toronto, Canada
Mistress Morana London, UK
Mistress Davina Leeds, UK
Mistress Helena Manchester, UK
Mistress Morana London, UK
Mistress Ana Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Ace London, UK
Transvestite Mistress London, UK
Mistress Kim-BKK Bangkok, Thailand
Lady Kim Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Mistress Dom Strap-On Warwickshire, UK
Mistress Khaleesi London, UK
Domina Alexa Bucuresti, Romania
Mistress Malai Madrid, Spain
Ms Slipp Columbus, Ohio, USA
Mistress Alexis Banks London, UK
Mistress Niah Cambridgeshire / Bedfordshire, UK
Mistress Alpha Shropshire, UK
Femme Supremacy Double Domme Lancashire, UK
Mistress Alpha Shropshire, UK
Mistress Midnight Belfast, Northern Ireland
Mistress Jessica Belfast, Northern Ireland
Mistress Dennise Manchester, UK
Domina Ruby Enraylls Seattle, USA
Mistress Zaskia Huddersfield, UK
Countess Von Kink London, UK
Mistress Alexandra London, UK
Mistress Jessica Dubai, UAE
Mistress Alexandra London, UK
Mistress Mia Harrington Brighton, UK
Mistress Angelena Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Lindsey Taunton, Somerset, UK
Mistress Alecto Huddersfield, UK
Mistress Ekatarina Romanovich Los Angeles, USA
Lady Pandora Birmingham, UK
Mistress Helena Manchester, UK
Mistress Luna Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Katinka Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Bentham Leeds, UK
Miss Julia Taylor Telford, Shropshire, UK
Miss Beaumont Manchester, UK
Mistress Tanya London, UK
Mistress Noblesse Brussels, Belgium
Mistress Amber PA Allentown, PA, USA
Mistress Rina Newark, Ohio, USA
Mistress Argenta Van Horne Glasgow, Scotland
Domina Ruby Enraylls Seattle, Washington, USA
Mistress Victoria Nottingham, UK
Mistress Suzzie Southampton, UK
Mistress Paula Coventry, UK
Mistress Elizabeth Payne Liverpool, UK
Mistress Nina Bristol, UK
Mistress Adore Newcastle, UK
Mistress Lowen Detroit, Michigan, USA
Mistress Kendra Leeds, UK
Ms Eden Montreal, Canada
Mistress Lady Cornelia Manchester, UK
Queen Delicia Chicago, USA
Mistress Ellie Derby, UK
Lady Lilleth The Wirral, Merseyside, UK
Deviant Duo London, UK Glasgow, Scotland
Miss M Sydney, Australia
Queen Delicia Chicago, USA
Lucifers Daughter Wakefield, UK
Commander Sophie London, UK
Miss Dita Antwerp, Belgium
Anna Silklegs Budapest, Hungary
Mistress Georgina Dublin, Ireland
Mistress Camilla Amsterdam, Nederlands
Goddess Hellfire Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mistress Charlotte London, UK
Mistress Amber St Clare Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK
Mistress Maya Kent, UK
Mizz UV Huddersfield, UK
Miss Debbie Potter Manchester, UK
Mistress Eleanor Barnsley, UK
Dominas House Brussels, Belgium
Mistress Gina Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA
Mistress Eve London, UK
Mistress Jenna Manchester, UK
Miss Strict Muscle West Midlands, UK
Divine Mistress Heather Bristol, UK
Madame Soozie Hull, UK
Dungeon Chicago Chicago, USA
Mistress Firestarter NYC, USA
Mistress Justitia London, UK
Mistresses Skorpia & Cindy Bristol, UK
Mistress Kmae Milwaukee, USA
Miss Whipstress Portsmouth, UK
Mistress Dinah Dubai, UAE
Mistress Marishka London, UK
Crazee Angel London, UK
Dominatrix Duo Mistress Skorpia & Mistress Cindy Bristol, UK
Mistress Edz Bangkok, Thailand
Mistress Naomi Fatale New York, USA
Mistress Carol London, UK
Mistress Fidelia sadomaso-fetish Milano, Italia
Domina Viviane Divine Zurich, Switzerland
Mistress Naughtya Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Scottish Mistress Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Jenn Kansas City, USA
Madame Suri London, UK
Yorkshire Chambers West Yorkshire, UK
Miss Sarah Jessica Berkshire, UK
Domina V Brighton, UK
Miss Belle Dublin, Ireland
Eleonara Wales Paris, France
Mistress Charlie Cheltenham, UK
Mistress Drucilla Darcy Birmingham, UK
Bizarklinik Berlin, Germany
Mistress Giselle Essex, UK
Mistress BB Leeds & Manchester, UK
Goddess Kitty Laswon, NSW, Australia
Mistress Mauvais London, UK
Governess Painless London, UK
Madame C Hampshire, UK
Mistress Andromeda London, UK
Mistress Amberleigh London, UK
Princess Railey Chicago, USA
Drastic Fantastic Dungeon The Wirral, Merseyside, UK
Mz Princess The Wirral, Merseyside, UK
Madame Phoenix London, UK
Mistress Misskronoss Barcelona, España
Miss Kitty Bliss London & Gatwick, UK
Mistress Elektra London, UK
Foot Fetish Domme Glasgow, Scotland
Mistress Bea London, UK
Domina Saphira Zurich, Switzerland
Domina Ishtar Manresa, Barcelona, Spain
Mistress Vanity Glasgow, Scotland
Lady Angelina Manchester, UK
Mistress Minxx Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA
Captain Vanity Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Subtrainia Essex, UK
Mistress Lorelei London, UK
Miss Naima Stockholm, Sweden
Mistress Una Indianapolis, USA
Mistress Morticia Antwerp, Belgium
Mistress Ana Glasgow, Scotland
Sadistic Sisters London, UK
Goddess Gazelle Los Angeles, USA
Mistress Storm Nottingham, UK
Oriental Mistress Lily London, UK
Princess Lola Southampton, UK
Mistress Raven Croydon, UK
Mistress Mia Fallon Los Angeles, USA
Mistress Jane Berkshire, UK
Mistress Violet Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Goddess Lana Amsterdam, Netherlands
Madame Mysteria Athens, Greece
Mistress Saphire Manchester, UK
Miss Natascha / Fr.Dr. Natascha Mainz, Germany
Lady Soraya Essen, Germany
Domina Dakota Hamburg, Germany
Mistress Ruby Red Hertfordshire, UK
Lady Marta Madrid, Spain
Mistress D Strix Plymouth, UK
Mistress Eva Montreal, Canada
Chastis Carreau Vienna, Austria
The Serpent Rooms London, UK
Mistress Simone Chicago & St. Louis, USA
Goddess Cleo London, UK
Mistress Mystique Los Angeles, USA
Goddess Aleya Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Mistress Inge Brussels, Belgium
Mistress Ai Hong Kong
Ebony Goddess Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
Domina Carmen Alexis Zurich, Switzerland
Mistress May London, UK
Miss Kami Robertson Newcastle, UK
Mistress Suki Bristol, UK
Mistress Ichi Glasgow, Scotland
Miss Kaya New York, USA
Mistress Moira Arnhem, Netherlands
Two Dommes Leeds, UK
Mistress Genevieve New Orleans, USA
Lady Keisha London, UK
Mistress Texaz Dallas, USA
Mistress Arella Utrecht, Netherlands
Lady Carla London, UK
Execuive Domina Glasgow, Scotland
Miss Mighty London, UK
Mistress Argenta Glasgow, UK
Lady Bellatrix London, UK
New Manchester Dungeon Manchester, UK
The Temptress Liverpool, UK
Mistress Akasha Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Miss Juliette Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Susie Sixx LA, USA
Goddess Belle Seattle, WA, USA
Mistress Kitty Hilliard, Ohio, USA
Mistress Ms Christina Baltimore, USA
Mistress Macy Manila, Philippines
Commander Sophie London, UK
Mistress Genevieve New Orleans, USA
Domina Rage Seattle, USA
Fetish Fantasies Glasgow, UK
Mistress Sixx Glasgow, UK
Porcelain Beauty Liverpool, UK



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